Friday, February 3, 2012


I never thought my day to day life was funny til I was talking to my sister last night. Here goes... I come from home a great day in town I got adjusted, an hour massage and 30 minutes of reflexology. Ahhh then I walk in the front door of the house with an arm full of groceries and almost gag.  IT SMELLS LIKE A CATHOUSE!!! The tom cat had pee'd somewhere "inconspicuous" and the little girls had sprayed a whole bottle of cheap perfume on their friends stinky feet!!! It smelled so bad in here!!! Nothing like the smell of cat urine and cheap perfume!(and I almost forgot stinky feet) Today the cathouse doesn't smell much better but we are snowed in and there's nothing like being in the middle of a blizzard with the fire burning, 4 kids, 2 cats and a dog to make you feel all snuggely and warm inside! Hopefully it doesnt snow to much cause I need my husband to come home tonight! We miss him sooo much.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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